Marketing of Building Materials

For over 33 years we been offering the best products for construction at the best price in the market. On VARMEX Materials we offer all kinds of materials for concrete work from a domestic to an industrial work, for us will be a pleasure to serve you and provide appropriate solutions for your work.

Vibrocomprimided Manufacturing

As part of the commitment to offer the best prices to all our customers we have used cutting-edge technologies for all types of vibrocomprimided manufacturing, expanding our offering and turns us as a socially responsible company.

We have 3 branches

On VARMEX-EDYSA its our priority to bring you more every time our services to all municipalities that surround us, that's why for over 15 years we now have a branch near you. Our Main stroe its located at carretera tehuacan teotitlan km9 SN, Santa Cruz Acapa, Tehuacan. We hace a branch on 2 oriente no. 1114, colonia moctezuma, Tehuacan Puebla. We are located on calle 5 poninte no. 101, Ajalpan Puebla too.

Proyects Quote and Counseling Home

We offer the service of quote at your work home. Get a professional to advise you and offer the best construction materials for your work, VARMEX-EDYSA handle only the best brands at the most competitive prices. With our model of sustainable construction can have the assurance that at the end of your work this will be constructed with the quality that only we can offer.

We accept payment all credit, debit cards and paypal

Our commitment is to the client and facilitate all forms of payment is our responsibility; in VARMEX-EDYSA we have payment terminals for all types of credit and debit cards that includes VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and another cards like CityBank, Bank of America etc, so we offer this web site where you can pay for the materials for his work through the PayPal system.